Audi at the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show

At the 2019 Frankfurt International Motor Show, Audi unveiled four new, off-road electrics of the future: Audi Aicon, AI: ME, AI: RACE და AI: TRAIL.
Special attention was paid to the Audi AI: TRAIL quattro, which combines autonomous driving and off-road capabilities in one car. The cabin, like a helicopter, is surrounded by a glass case, which provides an incomparable and comprehensive view.
The name "TRAIL" represents the idea of ​​studying nature; That is why the spacious interior of the car is not overloaded with large monitors and includes only a few control elements.
In addition, instead of the traditional headlights, the car will be illuminated by five triangular drones equipped with LED matrix elements. The drones can land directly on the roof of the car, from where they will be able to illuminate the surrounding area, as well as charge the battery.



Audi vehicles with 5 Year warranty from now on.