A6 Sedan

Not only feel progress,
but also experience it. Audi A6 Sedan.

When design meets efficiency and sportiness meets style. When innovation and precision go hand in hand. When form and function become a statement. Then the business class has a new pace: the A6 sedan. More athletic than ever. Sovereign as always.

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  • Inspiring & sovereign

    The highlights of the A6 Saloon

  • Intelligence, used intelligently.

    Future in the here and now: A combination of perfectly matched sensors, cameras, radar and ultrasound technologies recognizes and evaluates your driving situation, assists you if you wish, and intervenes when there is no other way. Behind the extensive assistance systems is a high-tech module from Audi: the central driver assistance control unit zFAS. It constantly calculates a detailed image of the environment from the fusion of the sensor data. Choose from two optional assistance packages on different topics: city traffic and overland travel.

  • Ambient lighting.

    The optional contour ambiance lighting package creates a unique atmosphere and gives the interior of the A6 sedan a fascinating interior ambiance with feel-good character. Accurate contour light guides accentuate the instrument panel, center console and other distinctive design features in 30 different color tones and steplessly dimmable intensity.


  • The assistance systemsfor even greater safety and comfort

    Most road accidents are due to human error. The consequences of accidents can be reduced by modern assistance systems in many cases. Audi supports different technologies, so that you reach your destination well. The assistance systems are working closely linked, which makes them versatile and powerful - and your driving at the same time comfortable.

  • Matrix LED headlightInnovative radiance

    Darkness is relative. With the optional Audi Matrix LED headlights the night becomes day. The new headlight technology has a daylight-like color of light. Curves are illuminated with foresight. Vehicles are recognized, adjusted the light distribution of your Audi A6 situational. Made possible by numerous sensors and a camera. And dimmable, innovatively arranged LEDs.

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Your A6 Sedan

Selected Features

Basic price: From GEL 109 000
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    Lackierung: Florettsilber Metallic
    670,00 EUR