Audi at Shanghai auto show

At the Shanghai Motor Show on April 15, Audi unveiled a new concept, all-electric car AI: ME.

AI: ME is a multi-functional vehicle that, along with its compactness, offers maximum accessible space and luxury; Audi AI: ME is designed with two extra seats - 2 Plus-xseater.

The Audi AI uses the latest artificial intelligence and machine-building methods, such as vehicle intelligence, to enable it to drive automatically.

There is a multifunctional, three-dimensional OLED monitor along the entire length of the car control panel, which is controlled by eye contact.For example, the navigation system may be activated at a glance, and then with the movement of the eye it is possible to open further levels that move on the 3D monitor.
AI: ME s company envisions a series of electric vehicles of its future.




Audi vehicles with 5 Year warranty from now on.